Volunteer Documentation

Thank you for your commitment to WYO.

Each family is asked to commit at least one parent/guardian/family member to volunteer during the year. Volunteer tasks range from just a few hours to more involved positions that request commitment throughout the year. Read about the variety of opportunities on the Volunteer page of the website.
Child Abuse Registry (CAR) checks are a requirement for anyone that is volunteering or working with children and youth. Therefore:
  • At least one parent/guardian/member from each family will need to complete a CAR check. If there are more than one volunteer from the family, each will need to complete a CAR check.
  • CARs need to be filled out and mailed in by August 15th in order to be processed in timely manner
  • You are required to submit a new CAR form each year for each organization you volunteer with.  Please understand that if you have done this for another volunteer situation, you are still required to do so for WYO.  There is no cost to you.

How to fill out and submit your Child Abuse Registry (CAR) check form:

Provided here is the PDF Child Abuse Registry (CAR) form.

There are 3 parts to the application.  All parts must be filled out in full. It is a dynamic pdf, so you can fill it out electronically or print it out to fill out. Please ensure you have adjusted the margins  so that each page prints in full.

Filling out the CAR form: 

  • Part 1: Please sign and date. (on the PDF, Part 1 is located after Part 2).
  • Part 2:
    • Section A: Do not fill out. This is filled out by the WYO administrator.
    • Section B: Please fill out in full, sign and date. You will need to photocopy two pieces of ID and submit these with your CAR form.
      • In B-6 you will indicate which 2 pieces of ID you are providing. Do not be concerned by the detail on the form that the “two pieces of identification have been verified by the applicant in A-4”.
      • An adult family member will need to verify these two pieces of ID.  Scan the two IDs on a blank piece of paper.  Add a statement to the page indicating the family member has verified the documents.  Include the family member’s relationship to the volunteer, date, phone number, and signature as in the example found here.  Submit this document at the same time as the CAR.
      • If it is not possible for a family member to verify the documents, step A-4 may be completed by the Volunteer Coordinator and WYO Administrator after you have submitted the CAR with your ID.
    • Section C: Do not fill out. This is filled out by Child and Family Services.
  • Part 3: Fill in your name under Subject’s Name.  No payment required.
    • Tick the box for “Exempted – no fee attached”. Leave all other fields empty.

Submitting the CAR form:

You will submit your completed CAR and photocopies of 2 pieces of ID to the WYO Administrator.

  • You can scan and email to the WYO-adm@winnipegyouthorchestras.ca
  • Or you can mail them to:
    • Margaret Fjeldsted, Administrator, Winnipeg Youth Orchestras
    • PO Box 273 Winnipeg, MB R3C 2G9

Do not submit your forms/documents to the Child Abuse Registry office. (The end of Part 3 instructs you to do so but this step will be done by the WYO instead).

  • WYO will be completing the steps to submit the CAR and ID copies to the Child Abuse Registry office.
  • WYO will add the two signatures, requested in step B-6, to your copies of ID. (Signatures will be from the WYO Administrator and the Volunteer Coordinator).
  • If you submit scanned copies electronically, the WYO will print out hard copies upon receipt in order to complete the submission.

If you have any questions, we are happy to support you. Please contact: