Registration and Fees

How do I join WYO?

The WYO season runs from September to April.  Auditions and Registration take place in the spring before the new season begins. The process:

  1. Register – Below i information about fees and the registration process. Registration deadline for 2023-24, April 30th 2023.
  2. Auditions – The audition page provides information on the audition process. Auditions May 13th, 2023.
  3. After auditions – You will be contacted with information about the orchestra you will be playing in and on the process for payment.

Registration Steps

  1. Decide which of the three orchestras is the best fit for you.
  2. Read the required agreements:
  3. Read about volunteer opportunities in the WYO, read our volunteer policy below, and consider which volunteer activities you are able to commit to.
  4. Fill out the Registration Form below. Deadline April 30th, 2023.
  5. In the registration process, you will be provided with information on how to sign up for auditions on May 13th, 2023.  

Winnipeg Youth Orchestras – Volunteer Policy

The Winnipeg Youth Orchestras cannot function without the help of our volunteers. We kindly ask each family registering a musician to commit to at least one volunteer position/activity during the year per musician they are registering. Volunteer commitments range from just a one-time commitment of a few hours to more involved positions that require ongoing commitment throughout the year. See our Volunteer Page for descriptions of positions and information on documentation required for volunteers. In the registration form below you will be asked to indicate your volunteer interests. Throughout the year the volunteer coordinator will send out notices when help is needed and provide access to online sign-up sheets.

Fees for September 2023 to April 2024 Season

Basic Registration Fee:

    • Registration Fee is $575.00 per musician
    • $475.00 per additional musician from the same family/household.
    • Due by September 25th, 2023, and can be paid either by cheque or by e-transfer. (Musicians receive instructions for payment in the acceptance package after auditions.)

Each orchestra will be incorporating a fee to cover costs of an enhanced musicianship-development opportunity as part of the season:

    • The opportunity(ies) planned will be appropriate to each orchestra’s level and needs, and will include activities such as, but not limited to, weekend retreat(s), on-the-road performance trip(s), intensive workshop/mentorship event(s), etc.
    • The additional mandatory cost is $150.00 per musician,
    • Due by November 15th, 2023 through same payment options as registration fee.

If there are financial barriers to you joining the WYO, please read about our Bursary Program. The deadline for Bursary Applications is the same as the Registration Deadline.

Warning: You will receive a confirmation of receipt when you complete the registration. However, depending on your email provider and settings this could land in your promotions/spam/social folder.