Registration and Fees

2021-22 Season


  1. Decide which of the three orchestras is the best fit for your playing level and age. Read about Youth Strings, Youth Concert and Youth Symphony for more information.
  2. Read the required agreements:
  3. Read about volunteer opportunities in the WYO and consider which volunteer activities you are able to commit to.
  4. Fill out the Registration Form below.
  5. In the registration process, you will be provided with information on the next step, auditions.

The registration and audition deadlines for 2021-22 season have passed. However, if you are still interested in joining the Youth Orchestras but were not able to submit by the deadline, please contact our administrator for information on an alternate process at: 

Winnipeg Youth Orchestras – Volunteer Placement and Commitment

The WYO greatly appreciates the time its volunteers spend every year.  Volunteers with our orchestras are an essential group who facilitate our orchestras’ operations while making a meaningful and rewarding contribution to Winnipeg’s musical community. Winnipeg Youth Orchestras cannot function without the help of volunteers.  We kindly ask each family registering a musician to commit to at least one volunteer position/activity during the year per musician they are registering. Volunteer commitments range from just a few hours to more involved positions that request commitment throughout the year. See our Volunteer Page for descriptions of positions and information on documentation required for volunteers. In the registration form below you will be asked to indicate your volunteer interests.


September 2021 to April 2022:

  • $550.00 per musician.
  • $450.00 per additional musicians from the same family/household
  • Winnipeg Youth Strings traditionally holds a weekend retreat in September, attendance to which is required. September 2021 may include this event if restrictions allow and an additional cost of approximately $125.00 will be applied to Strings musicians.

Full fee payment is due on September 15th, 2021, and can be paid either by cheque or by e-transfer. (Musicians receive instructions for payment in the acceptance package after auditions.)

If payment of the full fee in September presents a barrier for you/the musician, please contact us so that we can discuss spreading the payment over two terms.

If there are financial barriers to you joining the WYO, please read about our Bursary Program.

Warning: You will receive a confirmation of receipt when you complete the registration. However, depending on your email provider and settings this could land in your promotions/spam/social folder.